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The Oldest Language Optimizes Our Nervous System

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

What the Robin Knows is a narrative journey to help readers understand the interspecies communication between birds, wildlife and human beings.

When I was ten years old, I met my mentor, Tom Brown, Jr. At the time, Tom was searching for someone to pass on the mentoring of ancestral wisdom to someone in the way it was passed to him by his elder mentor. Tom's elder is known as Stalking Wolf in Tom's many books. The elder was raised in the traditional ways of knowledge and awareness that his Apache ancestors had kept intact for thousands and thousands of years. Were it not for Tom, his mentor, and the indigenous lineage behind Grandfather, I would not have been able to write this book.

Dan Gardoqui was a teenager when I met him. I, in turn mentored him in these ways as well. He went on to found White Pine Programs in Maine to continue this lineage mentoring in deep nature connection. Dan went on to earn his Masters in Science and performed all the research as the science and media editor for What the Robin Knows.

The stories and principles shared in the book will go a long way in helping you develop bird language skills in your own backyard, literally. Josh Lane (author of Conscious Nature and a master of deep nature connection mentoring) provides an appendix with a learning pathway guiding people on how to get on the learning pathway.

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Purchased “What the Robin Knows” and would love to access the audio recordings. It appears that from the QR code is defunct. Are there other options?

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