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28 Days of Connection...

The 28 Days of Connection was created by myself, Jon Young, and Michi Burger a friend of Jon's and a wonderful nature connection mentor from Switzerland. Jon and Michi created this journey as an offering to support people in lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. The 28 Days of Connection is a series of activities you can do around your home with friends, family or on your own.

Early in 2020, I was busy with research and design for the 512 Map which consolidated all of my 40 plus years of practical experience iterating methods and activities to help people go on a journey of deep nature connection and enhanced people connection. The pandemic caused cancelations and changes in the 512 Map's implementation. Since I had designs ready, and since Michi reached out and said,

"We have to do something for people in lockdown."

At this time, I was also having the same thoughts.

This is based on my 512 Map that has also finally given rise to the Natural Mind Journey available to members of the Living Connection 1st Village. The Natural Mind Journey is now being published, one step at a time, at the Living Connection 1st Village as a pilot project. From time to time, we open up the Village to new members. The first activity was published in September of 2022. As of April 27, 2023, there are 37 of 72 activities representing the first Ring of the Natural Mind Journey published.

The 28 Days of Connection is still available by following using the dropdown link on Musings & Sharings. Over 4,000 people visited and hundreds participated.

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1 Comment

Hi! Those 28 days have been a threshold, a major stepping stone and is now a cherished memory for me. I feel that it has been wonderfully designed and at the same time hold the freshness of improvisation. As you shared that post I realize that I celebrate the 3 years of that wonderful realisation of you and Michi and at the same time there is the feeling of a celebration for me going through that threshold 3 years ago.

Thanks again, life is way more beautiful on that side.


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