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Now That We've Paused...

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Today, my friend Maddy in England sent me two videos. One I have offered here on the blog entry called "What If We All Paused?" Have a look at that one, as the interview below with Maddy looks at what happens when we pause—to our nervous system, and our sense of connection, when we practice some basic routines.

Those routines are all very well represented in Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature. The essentials though are simple: try to go outside a few times a day, if only for a few minutes at a time. It's good to adopt a single place that your visit each day--even if you feel drawn to explore and wander more widely afield. Practice using all your senses (see Connection 1st Forum on my website, a 28 day journey that you can practice with friends and family). Develop relationships--get to know--the birds, the trees, the low-growing plants, the wind patterns, the sun rise and sun set locations and how they move over days, the stars and planets visible at night. In other words, pay attention and make relationships slowly with everything around you. Remember your own creativity and curiosity.

Most important, and the one people tend to forget a lot these days, share these stories by "reliving them with all your senses". And, remember to share them with people who you have invited to hear them. In other words, don't simply blurt them out expecting the other to just listen. Story catching is as much an art as story telling. They need each other with sensitivity, love and care. Notice the little things that are sometimes subtle cues in our bodies. I hope you enjoy this little video, and thanks Maddy & Tim for making it, and making it available to all of us!

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