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The 512 Project is a series of 64 live-audience video recordings based on Jon Young's life's work represented on Jon's 512 Map. The first recording session started in Topanga Canyon, CA in December of 2016 with the Manzanita School. The 8th location and final recording session occurred in Los Altos, CA with the Children in Nature Collaborative in February of 2018. 


Calen Kennett (filmmaker) of Village Video published the 64th video of 64 marking the completion of this project! On 5/12 at 5/12 pm Pacific, we will gather to celebrate this completion. 


Visit the 512 Project here, and view the sample on this page. 

Jon's master project based on the 512 Map is currently offered at the Living Connection 1st Village and it is called The Natural Mind Journey

Here's a sample of one the 512 Project live recorded sessions with Jon speaking to the Manzanita School in Topanga Canyon, CA. If you would like to follow this project you can visit

512 foundation natural mind.jpg
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