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Nature's Help with Wellbeing

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The core routines and practices of deep nature connection that have developed over eons, and have been adapted to serve modern needs through the Natural Mind Learning Pathway (formerly known as the Kamana pathway). Through this journey, the practices of nature connection can be learned and experienced right at home. This book will go through a revision to reflect changes requested from the greater community.

The Natural Mind Learning Pathway (formerly the Kamana Naturalist Training Program) is a set of "errands" that leave a bread crumb trail for the person committed to developing the benefits of deep nature connection in their own backyards and neighborhoods. It is a many year journey that will never leave one wondering, "what should I do today to move myself forward." The first level in the book pictured above is called Exploring Natural Mystery, and this will not take very long at all to experience and complete.

The full Natural Mind Learning Pathway provides the foundation for learning and experiences that lead to awakened and integrated senses, a more bonded relationship with elements and beings of nature around you, and ultimately to the attributes of connection:

  • Happiness

  • Vitality

  • Unconditional Listening Capacity

  • Empathy

  • Helpful Ethic

  • Awe and Gratitude for Life

  • Compassion, Forgiveness & Unconditional Love

  • Quiet Mind -- Expanded Creativity

Additionally, the Natural Mind Learning Pathway provides the foundation for the journey of the holistic tracker through the Natural Mind Holistic Tracking Pathway. This book, Exploring Natural Mystery represents the first breadcrumbs on a trail of transformation, and will give you a taste of the Natural Mind Learning Pathway that lies ahead should you choose that for yourself.

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